Kalas - Skinsuit Short Sleeve PRO-A 56 | Cyclo-One/Speed - No pockets n50511-UA56

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Thanks to a new, field tested fabric on the sleeves and an improved cut with less seams, this skinsuit provides better aerodynamics in timed cycling events. Anti-slip grippers on the inside end of sleeves and legs will make you feel that you are wearing a second skin – every second counts.

  • Suitable for track cycling and time trial.
  • Breathable and aero Cyclo-One fabric.
  • Inside anti-slip grippers for perfect adhesion.
  • Minimum of seams ensures maximum aerodynamics.
  • ENDURANCE Plus pad.

This item is not in stock but an order will be sent to Kalas when sufficient items are ordered. Normally every 3-4months.

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